Saturday, April 17, 2010


BEDA: April 17,2009

I think all YouTubers get it from time to time; the amazing ability to have nothing sound interesting enough to talk about.

It's not fun.

I mean, I have ideas. I have a lot of ideas. When I get an idea I text it to my email and then stick it in the REMEMBER folder. I have things that will be filmed, I'm just not really in the mood at this point in time. Maybe tomorrow, or maybe even later tonight, I'll get the motivation to talk about something that excites me but for right now, I'm checking Twitter, Gmail, and entertainment news online and I'm just sorta in a blah mood. Or maybe it's because I just ate.

Yay, being American.

Blogs are different, especially during BEDA because I'm forced to find something to talk about. Even talking about having nothing to talk about like I did a few days ago. But then again, I found something to talk about. I'm going to move on before I cause a blood vessel to burst.

I have footage from Mark for making a guitar video. He's awesome. You guys will love it. I just need to film my sections for the video. I could film something with Angela if she wasn't traveling around Toledo with her mom. I could just do a normal vlog and talk about stuff but I'd like to have a few more things to talk about because it would be a very short boring video. I could write more sketches and film them later or even write a few songs...

Ya know what, that's what I'm going to do.

I have nothing else to do today so I'm going to jump in my bed with a notebook and a pen and start writing. If I fall asleep, I fall asleep. I don't have to be anywhere today.

I love Saturdays.

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