Thursday, April 14, 2011

Birthday Surprise

Oddly enough, typing this blog on my phone is actually giving my left thumb a rest. You see, for the past hour and a half or so, I've been working on a drawing/marker-ing for a friend of mine who's having a birthday coming up soon.

The thing is, the birthday is very soon.

Like, Friday soon.

Today is Thursday. It's 1:59am on Thursday, but it's Thursday nonetheless.

And there's no logical way this will make it to them BY Friday, but it needs sent and the actual sending of it has to be done tomorrow along with some filming for a video I'm posting on, you guessed it, Friday.

I'm being incredibly secretive during this blog and for that I apologize, but I can't risk the internet knowing that I'm putting more than menial effort into ROCKSTARRAQUEL'S BIRTHDAY PRESENT.

Whew, I thought for a second that I yelled that. Good thing I'm typing this all in my head.


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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Phone Blogs: Bad Idea?

So, for the past two days, I have blogged. Honest. It's just that my phone hasn't been posting them due to 'network errors' and then proceeding to bring up a blank type space as if it posted successfully.

But you haven't been missing much.

Yesterday's blog was in the same vein as this one. Phone's messing up, not posting the blog I type out.

But I'm not quick to blame the Sprint network. I'd be more inclined to blame Bloggeroid. Not that it's not a nifty little app, and it's not like I had to pay any money for it. It's just that between the Android Dailybooth apps and some of the other apps I've used that refuse to post my content, that's just my experience.

That being said, Bloggeroid has been awesome otherwise. When it works, it works brilliantly and it's been keeping my blogging skills in check, letting me blog from my phone.

And I thought the slower typing would affect my blogging in a negative way but it's actually been the opposite. Typing slower actually gives myself a chance to solidify thoughts and points before just saying whatever and not having it too connected.

So, it's a double edged sword. I'm not too upset missing a few days this month. MarchTravisSays went off without a hitch so I'm forgiving myself for not having something posted every day of April.

But let's just hope this one posts today. xD

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