Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Internet was Invented Today

Twenty years ago to the day, the Internet, as we know it, culminated.

The first web browser, WorldWideWeb, was developed by Tim Berners-Lee, and it was, IMHO, the biggest leap forward in communication and technology this century. And it only happened twenty years ago.

Before 1990, there was no available HTTP or HTML to use and there was no such thing as a Web browser. In 1990, TB-L created the HTTP and HTML needed and the very first WorldWideWeb Web browser, not to mention the first few Web pages which described the project.

It's just odd for me to think about because I'm older than 20, and although I remember the popularity boom of the Internet, I don't remember a time when a computer wasn't a big part of my life. Back in the 90s, I was hooked on my dad's computer games. I often played a Star Trek RPG video game which was loaded from DOS. And even though I was never the biggest Star Trek fan, I spent a lot of time playing it.

Then I remember updating to Windows 95.

Then came dial-up, which, by no stretch of the imagination, was anything to really blog about nowadays.

But then everything exploded in the DotCom Boom of the late 90s.

People were able to create websites with very, very low starting rates and the Internet welcomed a surge of destinations.

So think about that today, as you browse this wonderful WorldWideWeb-based technology. Because without it, we probably wouldn't be as close as we are, even if we are thousands of miles apart.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


So, it's recently come to my attention that I have no idea what this is.

This blog, I mean. Not the internet.

Everyone knows that the internet is a series of tubes.

Duh. #oldjokeisold #hashtaggingblogs

What I mean is that I don't know how you guys come to find this blog because, frankly, I got near 200+ hits on my last blog within the first day of it being posted.


The internet is a slacker's paradise.
You don't like the video you're watching? Click away.
You don't want to sift through another clip art website from 1996? Click away.
You can go wherever you want whenever you want*.

I have Twitter to thank for a lot of my blog-viewers. My Twitter followers are some of the most awesome people on the internet. And I'm not just saying that because you're reading my blog. I'm saying that partially because you're reading my blog. But that does not account for the hundreds of people visiting my blog-o-sphere so I'm still at a loss.

Blogger lets you put "labels" to your blog which are a version of YouTube's "tags". And even if the tags are what are bringing people to my blog, I'd have to say, I'm surprised.

But thank you. :)

I love being able to have a place where I can put my thoughts down for others to peruse if they so wish and then comment to let me know how they're feeling. Help me help you. Help me figure out what this is. Should I talk about my day and what I did, blabbity blah, or should I use this as a quick 'media discussion' outlet with witty remarks and humorous rants?

I guess it could be both.

I want to hear from you guys. I want to know what you like reading about. This isn't YouTube. It's not me talking at you. This has the ability to become a discussion and I'd love that.

*based on your connection to the internet, the speed of that connection, and if connection is actually made.

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

I'm a PC

Today, I am installing a program on my computer to use instead of Windows Live Movie Maker.
I know, I know, seeing as how I'm a video blogger, it's all horrible. I understand.

Believe me.

The issue comes with the fact that I don't like Mac computers yet I am incredibly in-tune with the video and audio software (iMovie, FinalCut Pro, Garage Band, etc) The problem is that I don't trust Mac computers.

Yea, I said it.

I don't trust Macs.

Not because I think Macs will steal my identity or that Steve J is out to get me or anything, but because the software/hardware is so tightly packed and contained that if anything were to go wrong, missing file, accidental overwrite, there's nothing to do but a full system format.

That being said, I think most Mac programs are incredibly user-friendly. Now, do I think that the programs are very user-friendly in order to be able to help out the less-than computer savvy people in the world? Partially.

But that's a different blog for a different day.

I'm not out to fuel the Mac-PC war and I honestly don't care what platform use.

All I'm saying, is that I don't want to own a Mac computer, but I do want to use something better than WLMM. That's why, I got my hands on Sony Vegas Pro and so I'll be testing that out later.

The only other hang-up about editing on this computer is that it's a laptop and I don't have a USB mouse so I have to use the touch-pad for exact cuts which don't /exactly/ turn out the way I want. (SEEWHATIDIDTHERE?)

Anywho, the update is done so here I go, testing this out!

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