Wednesday, December 15, 2010


So, at this moment, I am faced with a very interesting conundrum.

I could go through and thank the 300some people who've subscribed to my YouTube channel over the past week OR I could write a blog post and just let my thoughts flow.

Guess which one I'm doing.

My rationale is that I usually thank subscribers while watching American Pickers and that won't be happening until later tonight.

But I can be excited.

Anyways, this is not a continuation of my "Doctor Who Series 5 is Near-Perfect" series, although that will continue in the near future. Probably after the Project for Awesome and I hope to have all 5 or 6 parts up here before Christmas. Because that's when the Doctor Who Christmas Carol episode premieres.

And I'm excited about that too.

The reason this blog is titled "SLUMP" is because I've been in a creationally-unmotivated mood when it comes to videos, unless I'm being coerced. AHEMKIERAAHEM But I've had a few things that I've planned, even filmed, but once it got around to the time of editing, I'm over them.

Like the new iPad 2 which is coming out in the next couple months. There's still secrecy surrounding it but it's supposed to have a front facing camera, more memory, an SD slot, and a better display.

Big whoop.

Apple, so many companies already beat you to those 'innovations', you're just following suit.

Now, you all know that I'm no Apple fanboy, I have an iPod and I'll use iMovie if the opportunity presents itself, but that's about as far as I go.

The subject is technology, it's Apple-based, a company I feel very strongly about, and it's something that would be easily searchable by a lot of people which guarantees views. But I just ended up not being excited about the video halfway through filming.

Then, there was this guy who robbed the Bellagio at gunpoint. Came into the casino wearing a motorcycle helmet pointing a gun and he robbed the first craps table he found. He was in and out in three minutes.

On the robber's upside, the casino estimates he made it out of there with $1.5 million in chips. On the robber's downside, that's just it. He made it out with CHIPS. He's going to have an awfully hard time cashing them in.

Next, we'll hear about him robbing a Toys R Us of its Monopoly money.


So, now that I go back and read this blog, it's not so much an excuse as it is justification for me not posting less than great (in my eyes, anyway) videos. I will never become a sell-out or just post videos to make money. You have my word.

Unless I do VEDA MANOR again next year.
Then, I might have to force myself to make videos.

But, that's a story for another blog.

(PS - because I talked about that guy robbing the Bellagio, look at what I listed as adds below LOLOLOL)

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