Friday, April 1, 2011

Blogs from a Phone

Now, I wasn't sure I was going to do BEDA. I honestly don't remember if I did last year or not. I do know, however, that I haven't posted a blog post since early February. Now, that's just horrendous.

Especially since most of my money comes from here, hah. XD

So, it's about 45min till midnight and I have just now decided to attempt BEDA again (again?)

The catch, like with MarchTravisSays, is that I won't have a lot of time. YouTube isn't my job (yet). Travis gots ta get paid, son!

So, I'm trying this new thing called texting. It's pretty new. Only really big in Japan right now. But anyways, I'm using my phone to type this blog and post it without needing a computer. I'll probably see if I can do this consistently from my phone.

But the thing is, I wanted to find a Blogspot app to type this up with. Problem is, there's no Blogspot app. There's Blogger and Wordpress and, so help me God, an Altavista mail server, but nothing Blogspot.

But after twenty minutes of Googling 'Bogspot vs Blogger' I find out they're the same thing.

Great. That's just how I want to start this BEDA off. I am an idiot. ;(


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