Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Direction of My Channel

So, last night's blog didn't post because my phone refused to connect to the internet. Hopefully thus one fairs a bit better seeing as how I have a full-on connection.

The main point I want to make is to talk to you guys, the few who find their way to this blog. And that point is a new direction of sorts for the way I conversate with you on the YouTubes.

I want more discussion. And I believe it's easily attainable.

That being said, I'm not going to become Dan Brown or even really emulate him in any way, and I am not going to quit parody writing or nerdy rants.

No. There will be more parodies.

I read every single comment and sometimes I even respond, especially in the first few days. But I feel I need to engage myself more with the conversation in the comments, and even moreso, START conversations FOR the comments.

Some may be serious topics such as hate and treatment of people in other countries but some will be reasons and rationales on who's the better Doctor generation.

Nerdy stuff. You guys like nerdy.

I'll be asking for video responses and we'll make it a legit conversation. As much as I sound like a marriage counselor, I think it'll bring us closer together.

Buy there will be more parodies. XD

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Friday, April 8, 2011


So, it seems to be a hit with you guys. I'm glad. I spent a lot of time writing and re-writing and filming and re-filming and then drove all the way to Bowling Green to edit it for nine hours.

Granted, it would have taken less time had I not been distracted by the internet, but that's beside the point.

I've learned to take the negative comments with a laugh. I know I'm not the greatest at singing Lady Gaga, but come on. It's Lady Gaga. I'm a BOY.

Soon, the video will become available in searches, and much like 'Nerd' and 'Zombies and They're Eating Brains', I'll soon be getting comments about my singing.


To the nerds who understand the song and who love Doctor Who, thank you.


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Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's Done: A Blog About a Video

So, as I'm sitting here typing this at 2:36, well within my previously stated blog acceptance hours, I can only think about how not hungry I am.

I ate half of a pizza less than two hours ago and nearly an entire bag of jelly beans in the past hour. But that's beside the point.

The parody song about Doctor Who is DONE. I was starting to think the fates had aligned against this video's completion.

Brief history of the birth of this video:
Version 1 of the audio was done last week but today I re-filmed all audio. I also filmed half of the video last week and half earlier today. After finding out I couldn't edit on my own computer OR the campus computer lab nearby, I drove an hour and a half to Bowling Green to edit in an open-all-night lab. Then, I spent two hours on audio version 2 and another three-four hours on the video itself.

Needless to say, I'm in that weird funk where it's exhausting to sit down because of how much computer time I clocked today.

But it is uploading right now. And I'm very happy with it. I hope you guize like it.


It'll be at soon!

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Old Forgiveness

As much as I didn't mean for this to turn into a sappy, 'I appreciate my life a lot' blog, that's what these past few posts have felt like.

And this is by no means an exception.

Today was rare in that I didn't do much before work at 1:30pm today, but I ended up re-connecting with multiple old friends.

Now, I'm no stranger to old friends, I am old, and so by default, my friends will be old. Simple math, really.

But the problem with me is...well it's not really a problem, more of a character flaw...but every hero need a character flaw, right? It's that I can't let go of friendship.

And I know I'm taking a HUGE risk posting this ON THE INTERNET, but if we're friends and you suddenly treat me badly, and down the line you say sorry, I'll be incredibly hard-pressed not to forgive you.

I feel like I didn't really think this vlog through before typing it, hah.

My point is, I know that some people won't change, and I'm careful not to let people walk all over me, but I'll gladly take friendship over non-friendship any day.

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Monday, April 4, 2011

New Found Nostalgia

As I sit here in my car in the rain before work, typing this on my phone, my iPod is plugged into the dash playing New Found Glory.

And I know what you're thinking, yes, I have been typing all of this month's blogs on my phone. And I have become exceedingly efficient at it.

But that's not the point. New Found Glory.

Not any of their newer songs; we're talking 'Sticks and Stones' stuff. 'My Friends Over You', 'The Story So Far', etc.

It's just bringing back lots of memories from high school, my first job, and when things were a lot easier. Which makes me appreciate where I am right now. Some people would kill to be in my position. To have as much going for me as I do. To have so much possibility.

It's just a good feeling to be reminded.

Ok, work time.

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Late Night Revelations

Tonight is another late night, which is kind of funny, seeing as how I've been going to bed before 2:00am every night since Florida. Mess'd wit ma sleepin patter'n, it'as.

Sorry. Just got done watching 'The Doctor Dances' and now my mind is speaking in a rather strong 1941 English accent.


So, today, I had a few revelations. Things I want to do. Directions I want to take my YouTube channel. Because, for far too long, I haven't had a definition for my 'genre' of video. Vlogger, sure, but to what end? I'd love to do strictly parodies but I don't have the time to crank out a few a month.

I want to connect. Build more of a community. Actually create a /place/ of sorts. I'll keep doing vlogs and DEFINITELY more parody songs, but I want some consistency and involvement.

I'll make a video about this after my Doctor Who song, an original song of mine, and a late PlaylistLive recap video. But you're one of the first to know that SOMETHING big is going to happen.

Be excited.

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Sunday, April 3, 2011


Seeing as how it is currently 1:36am, Sunday morning, I have decided to implement a few declarations or rules about this WTS VEDA.

For one, I will be going by 'YouTube' time, meaning that anything posted before 3:00am my time counts for the previous day.

What? You say it's called Pacific Standard Time? Stop making stuff up. It's 'YouTube' time.

Secondly, from here on out, I promise to have a subject of what I want to talk about. It feels so good working towards a subject and finishing on a strong note with succinct focus.

No one likes those blogs where I don't have a point. And if you do, then quit lying.

So that's all?..Tata!

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