Monday, April 4, 2011

Late Night Revelations

Tonight is another late night, which is kind of funny, seeing as how I've been going to bed before 2:00am every night since Florida. Mess'd wit ma sleepin patter'n, it'as.

Sorry. Just got done watching 'The Doctor Dances' and now my mind is speaking in a rather strong 1941 English accent.


So, today, I had a few revelations. Things I want to do. Directions I want to take my YouTube channel. Because, for far too long, I haven't had a definition for my 'genre' of video. Vlogger, sure, but to what end? I'd love to do strictly parodies but I don't have the time to crank out a few a month.

I want to connect. Build more of a community. Actually create a /place/ of sorts. I'll keep doing vlogs and DEFINITELY more parody songs, but I want some consistency and involvement.

I'll make a video about this after my Doctor Who song, an original song of mine, and a late PlaylistLive recap video. But you're one of the first to know that SOMETHING big is going to happen.

Be excited.

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  1. Wow I feel so special right now.
    I think that is a good direction to take your channel in, I think you should create more parodies or something more than the walking vlog things even though I enjoy those

  2. I feel you on the whole lack of focus, Travis. But sometimes, a lack of focus is good. You can churn out videos that don't quite pigeon-hole you into a niche.
    - Jason