Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Direction of My Channel

So, last night's blog didn't post because my phone refused to connect to the internet. Hopefully thus one fairs a bit better seeing as how I have a full-on connection.

The main point I want to make is to talk to you guys, the few who find their way to this blog. And that point is a new direction of sorts for the way I conversate with you on the YouTubes.

I want more discussion. And I believe it's easily attainable.

That being said, I'm not going to become Dan Brown or even really emulate him in any way, and I am not going to quit parody writing or nerdy rants.

No. There will be more parodies.

I read every single comment and sometimes I even respond, especially in the first few days. But I feel I need to engage myself more with the conversation in the comments, and even moreso, START conversations FOR the comments.

Some may be serious topics such as hate and treatment of people in other countries but some will be reasons and rationales on who's the better Doctor generation.

Nerdy stuff. You guys like nerdy.

I'll be asking for video responses and we'll make it a legit conversation. As much as I sound like a marriage counselor, I think it'll bring us closer together.

Buy there will be more parodies. XD

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  1. I'll definitely be sure to toss in a video response from time to time, depending on the topic. :)
    - Jason

  2. Have you looked into blog communities? Another blog I read uses BlogFrog and it's a great community. I don't have a youtube account, so I can't comment there, but I love the videos and parodies. Especially the tic-tock one. I might have even put it on my car's mix cd. Maybe.