Sunday, April 3, 2011


Seeing as how it is currently 1:36am, Sunday morning, I have decided to implement a few declarations or rules about this WTS VEDA.

For one, I will be going by 'YouTube' time, meaning that anything posted before 3:00am my time counts for the previous day.

What? You say it's called Pacific Standard Time? Stop making stuff up. It's 'YouTube' time.

Secondly, from here on out, I promise to have a subject of what I want to talk about. It feels so good working towards a subject and finishing on a strong note with succinct focus.

No one likes those blogs where I don't have a point. And if you do, then quit lying.

So that's all?..Tata!

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  1. These sound like good rues. I will probably use these rules myself while I do BEDA