Sunday, April 11, 2010

Stream of Consciousness

BEDA: April 11, 2010

I'm just going to type today as a stream of consciousness. This'll be bumpy.

I'm currently waiting for ckXcore to get a hold of me on what he wants to do about his Pun of the Day video outro. All seven clips that he sent worked but for some reason the video is muted on the last three seconds, cutting him off.

I just watched a video called "You know you're addicted to hayleyghoover when..." and my first thought was, "Hey, I should do a video like that..." Because, let's be honest, I totally could. But let's be more honest-er...that's a bit weird coming from a guy. :D

I might be lacking in the ability to figure out a solid topic to type about because I spent a lot of the day today typing a paper for class. It wasn't a long paper, it was just very involved because I had to find sources about something to do with Hispanic culture. I mean, it sounds easy, and I love projects with that loose of restrictions, but papers are a different story. I spent a good couple hours researching and figuring out my outline before I typed my first few words. Look at me, bein' all 'sponsible and whatnots.

I'm weird about typing papers.

I mean, not weird. More like, I do things differently in my head. I can barely ever do an outline on a subject for a paper unless I'm incredibly well-versed in the subject and I can come up with things off the top of my head.

For example, my paper today was on Las Fallas, a celebration in Valencia where they burn huge wooden sculptures. I didn't know much about the subject so I figured out how I wanted my intro to sound and trudged through the paper from there, ending with my conclusion, obviously.

A couple semesters back, I did a paper on "The Wasteland" by TS Elliot and because I've done papers on it before, I knew what to expect. I drew up a little list of subjects I wanted to talk about, and made connections through all of them until I had a pretty strong outline.

Well, this blog went better than I thought it would. Glad I found a subject to type about!

Until tomorrow.

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