Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Why the Lost Next Gen iPhone is NOT Viral Marketing

BEDA: April 20, 2010

My video about the lost next gen iPhone.

Now, a lot of people are saying either a) This is fake and Gizmodo is making this all up or b) this is a "controlled leak" for a viral marketing ploy. After all, controlled leaks are kind of Apple's bread and butter but there's a specific way in which Apple handles them.

There are a few rules when creating a controlled leak. First off, find an Apple employee who has a trusted friend with a big media outlet, for example, The Wall Street Journal. Remember the rumors of the Apple tablet? It's always an inside job. No leaving products with random drunk people who could break something.

Secondly, only phone and in person correspondence. Mention the product to the media friend, maybe drop a few pictures off in person, but no emails. Nothing that could leave any sort of paper trail to either party.

Thirdly, leaks will generally happen about three weeks before a product's media or actual release. That way, it generates plenty of buzz about a product and competitors don't have a chance to see what they're going up against until it's too late.

If Apple wanted to generate buzz about this product, they would have done it a) closer to the announcement date and not three months before like this instance and b) Apple would have shot a bit higher than Gizmodo for their media buzz. Besides, a leak generally involves a blurry photo, not a complete hands-on-and-rip-apart-to-analyze. This seems like this situation is causing more promotion for Gizmodo than for Apple.

It is not an intentional leak.

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