Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I Am Now an Award Winning Director

BEDA: April 21, 2010

That's weird, isn't it?

But, no, seriously. I won an award for "Terri the Library Fairy," a video I wrote, directed, and even had a role in. But let me start from the beginning...

So, early March, Angela told me that the university was going to have a video contest for the library. The submissions needed to be very pro-library so that the library could possibly use them for promotion of their services. Makes sense.

The next weekend, Angela, John and I wrote out the ideas for what we were going to film, where we were going to be at what times, and figured out where to find the props we needed. The weekend after that, we began filming.

Filming only lasted about two hours, at which time we were running around the library, slamming dictionaries, and causing an overall scene. Well, that part isn't actually true. But Angela's wings did cause a scene.

Editing the video only took about three hours, much shorter than I had planned it to take. By the end, I was pretty proud of our work. Very confident. I proceeded to upload the video.

Filling out the forms ended up taking almost as long as the editing process with all the little snags I ran into, though. For example, the online form had two selections for me to bubble in. Bubble one was that I read and agreed to all of the terms and rules put forth by the university. Bubble two was that, if asked for them, I had forms filled out by all of the people recognizable in the video. I had read and agreed to all the rules and I had the release forms for the video so the logical choice would have been both, right? Well, it would only let me electronically bubble in one of them. So, after running around the internet and making loads of phone calls (I was NOT going to get disqualified because of a stupid error) I finally just bubbled in one and emailed one of the heads of the contest about my issues.

She understood.

And then we won first place. Yay.

Earlier today, Angela, John, and I were awarded with our prize at a party for the library employees and "Friends" (the people who donate money to the library after they graduate)and there was free food, they showed the video we made on a huge television, and everyone loved it.

Horray for being a few hundred dollars richer.


  1. Hell yeah!

    When i come back from my mini-holiday, i'm moving Will's BlogOdyssey to blogspot so i can be with you even more of the time :)

  2. Congrats on winning, Travis!

  3. Award winning director and kids are using your songs in talent shows. You're hitting the big time now! Alan better watch his back, he may have competition soon :-p

    But seriously, congrats!