Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Day That Almost Didn't Come to Be

BEDA: April 7, 2010

The title sounds more dramatic than the actual situation.

Today is the closest I have ever gotten to not completing a day of BEDA. Seeing as how it's only the 7th day in, it could be said that the future doesn't look very bright. I'm starting typing this at 11:44pm and the only subject racing through my mind right now is completing today's BEDA.

And pie, but we'll get to that later.

The reason it's taken me nearly all day to type today's BEDA blog is because I actually put having a social life above the internet. Surprising, right? After class today, I hung out with some friends on campus, talked with some friends later on Skype, went and purchased on-sale Easter candy at the local connivence stores (and even got more edible Easter grass!) and then hung out with some friends playing Settlers of Catan. Fun times.

Now, it's 11:47 and I feel pretty confident that I will have today's BEDA completed in plenty of time. Earlier, I was even thinking about making deals with myself.

"It's okay, Travis. You don't have to do today's BEDA. Just miss a day here and there. People will understand." No, voices inside my head. I set out to conquer this task and so help me, I will.

I'll just have to start a bit earlier tomorrow.

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