Friday, April 9, 2010

The Day Pun of the Day Almost Didn't Happen

BEDA: April 9, 2010

My Pun of the Day project started out smoothly, at first. I was having all of my friends submit videos, the jokes were really funny and I had no problem getting to a computer everyday for the first couple weeks. YouTube goes by Californian time so I had until 3:00am my time to get videos up for the previous day. I had a couple close calls, but I would always get the POTD video up before 3:00am, my time.

Then, it happened.

I was waiting for my friend to come out of her dorm building because she and I were going to the bars in town that night. After waiting for the first ten minutes, because she's a girl and girls think they're allowed to take as long as they need, I glanced at my clock radio and realized that it was past 12:30am and our plan was that we go out to the bars until 2:30am, when they close.

Now, you could be thinking, 'Okay, the bars were going to close at 2:30am. If the bars are in town like you said, wouldn't that mean you could drop her off real quick and run home to post the POTD video before 3:00am?'

That would have been the case if we weren't walking.

You see, I'm over the age of 21 and I'm pretty responsible when it comes to drinking. Especially when it means losing my license, car, or parental 'cred'. And I live in a college town. There are cops everywhere and they pull people over randomly. I am not too keen on getting pulled over after drinking one beer.

Which is why we were walking.

Also, sometimes people send videos without the ending so I'd need to convert the file to work for my movie editor and then attach the ending, export the file, and upload the video. Lots of work for a small timeframe.

Plus, YouTube, you know I love you, but I wasn't about to explain to this girl that we had to go back to my apartment so I could upload a video to you(Tube) before we went to the bars. I'm all about acting like a nerd in my social life but when it comes in the way of my social life, sorry, but you take the backseat.

So, anyway, I'm sitting in my car, realizing all of this, basically panicking that I wouldn't get that night's video up on time. I pick up my phone and I call John who says he'd be able to upload the video before 2:00am and I don't even bother telling him how to add the ending because a video without an ending is better than no video at all.

After I get done explaining the password to him and what information to copy from the previous video, my friend walks out to the car. I get off the phone with him and she gets in the car. I could tell she had a moderately disappointed expression and I asked what was wrong.

She replied, "I can't find the charger to my phone and it's near dead. I just wish I had twenty minutes or so to charge it before we left for the bars." I took a look at her phone and saw that it was the same brand as mine.

"I have a charger for this back at my apartment," I replied, now realizing how horrible of a pickup line that could have been perceived as.

So we started driving back to my apartment. I was beaming on the inside because I knew while her phone was charging I could covertly upload that night's POTD.

Crisis averted!

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