Tuesday, February 1, 2011


This year is going by pretty decently if I do say so myself.
A lot of things are falling into place.

Work is going alright, the Slytherin video is back on track, I have my dates for Florida planned out, and I haven't busted my Evo yet, which I'm pretty proud about.

There are so many things I want to type about right now, but the truth is, it wouldn't feel right not mentioning them first on YouTube. See, now I have your interest peeked. Sorry.


A lot of you saw Brittany in my Anne Hathaway/Dark Knight Rises video. I had been trying to get her to sign up for YouTube the three weeks before that video went up and she was nervous that people wouldn't like her or care what she had to say. But she received an overwhelmingly awesome response. Already, she's getting a few hundred views each video. I has Internets pull, yo.

Thank you, guys.

Yea, yea I know. You're still wondering what I "can't" type about. What I "have" to wait to say first on YouTube.

I'll give you hints.

One of them involves the Florida trip, one of them involves a contest, one of them involves secret videos and one of them involves the Slytherin video.

So, in an effort to not sound like a radio announcer, stay tuned.


Also, I may try to blog every day this month. But they won't be long and drawn out. They'll be short, synct, and to the point. Like this one.



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