Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Doctor Who Series 5 is Near-Perfect: Part 2

So, this second part has been a long time coming.

I've been mentally trying to figure out how I'd want to divide and separate the next few DWS5 blogs and I think I've gotten it pretty well hashed out. The next few blogs will aim to focus mainly on the changes The Doctor goes through, starting with Nine.

Now, I'm in no way, shape or form going to say that Smith portrays a better version of The Doctor than Tennant or Eccleston. I will, however, attempt to tie in all the reasons I think Series 5, Doctor #Eleven included, is near-perfect together.

Eccleston's Doctor was very fun loving, encouraging others to do what would make them happy but was also hard and drastic when he needed to be. He was very brooding and full of melancholy, which is understandable after being responsible for the extermination of Time-Lords and Daleks, alike. He's like an uncle. Slow to anger, will protect anything that threatens those he cares for, and very jovial, even when the situation calls for fear. There was something scary and aggressive about him but you knew he'd fight tooth and nail to protect the innocent.

I have no strong issues with Nine, but his character doesn't seem very real to me. He was a mix of extremes and it was very flip-floppy for me at times. I was never lost in the Series 1 episodes like I was with later episodes. I always consciously knew I was watching a television program, whereas, with some of Tennant's and Smith's episodes, their Doctor was so believable and natural, I completely lost myself in the show.

Next up, Ten!

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