Friday, April 2, 2010

One Thousand Subscribers

BEDA: April 2, 2010

Today, I broke one thousand subscribers on my YouTube channel. A happy day, indeed. Other awesome stuff happened yesterday, but I won't get into that any time soon. Due to the success of
Nerd, my parody of the song 'Tik Tok', I jumped up 300+ subscribers in two days. I would have never been able to gain as much viewership of the video if I didn't have the help and promotion of RockstarRaquel, AlanDistro, and the one and only, John Green. Oddly enough, it went in that order. Raquel contacted Alan who in turn contacted John. A chain of awesome.

I'm still smiling.

In two days, it has garnered over 14,000 views with unbelievable praise. At this moment, it holds the #32 - Top Favorited (This Week)) - Entertainment, #47 - Top Rated (This Week)) - Entertainment, and oddly enough, #96 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Entertainment in Israel.

I'm finding it hard to get used to having so many viewers now. It's weird watching a video climb up past 800 views in a matter of one day where it used to be, a few days ago, I thought 300 views was a pretty solid number. I don't think this will ever get old.

I appreciate you all! : )

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