Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Battery Musings

Scene: My place of employment. Electronics section. A man comes up to me, obviously in need of assistance.

Me: 'Is there something I can help you find?'

Man: 'Yes.'

He holds out a piece of paper.

Man: 'I need to find this battery.'

The paper has a square drawn on it with a wiggly line coming from the corner of the square.

Me: 'A battery? Do you know the model number?'

Man: 'It's right here.'

He gestures to the paper.

Man: 'I drew the battery.'

Me: 'Um, well, we have lots of batteries with that shape. If you had-'
Man: 'I have the battery. It's right here!'

Me: 'Sir, this doesn't give me much information. Do you know what phone you have? I could try looking it up.'

Man: 'It's a house phone.'

Me: 'Yes, but do you know the model? The brand?'

Man: 'I've been to Best Buy, Walmart, and Radio Shack looking for this battery and no one has been able to help me.'

Me: 'I'm sorry sir, maybe next time you could bring the dead battery in.'

Man: 'Well, it's not dead.'

Me: '...I'm sorry, what do you need it for then? A replacement?'

Man: 'My dog's electric collar stopped working.'

Me: 'And it uses the same battery?'

Man: 'Well, I don't know. It doesn't look like you have it.'

Man walks away.

I am confuse.

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  1. I can only shake my head at this---words escape me.

  2. I always hope customers like those are trollin'. Otherwise, PEOPLE ARE WEIRD.