Sunday, February 6, 2011

I'm Not a Fan of the Super Bowl

So, to a lot of you, it's no surprise that I really don't take part in the American tradition, aptly named "The Super Bowl" or, for people in Europe, El Fútbol Americano de Supor.

What? You're not Spanish, you say?

Sorry but this is an equal opportunity blog.

It's a good thing you don't read Spanish because that did not read "The Super Bowl". I think it was closer to "The Football of Super" or "The Super Football". And for those of you flexing your little Spanish commenting fingers, HA. I pulled the floor out from beneath you by admitting my poor translation.

Gold star, Travis.

But I am getting off topic!

I'm not a huge fan of watching sports on television to begin with and it takes a lot for me to watch a sport live, even. Don't get me wrong, I'm not anti-sports. I played soccer in elementary, middle, and high school, I played baseball up until high school, I swam in middle school and high school, and I did Tae-Kwon-Do for almost seven years. It's just that something is lost when I'm watching others play. I'm not into it nearly as much as other people and I don't ever feel like I have anything invested in the outcome.

Seriously, the only sport I really like watching on TV is celebrity poker. Yah rly.

Football is the same story. I was in band in high school and we always had to watch the football games. I understood them, I cheered along, but mainly because of being with friends, not the sport.

But I know I'm not alone in all this. Some people are like me and just can't get into watching sports on the television, and some people enjoy watching sports but hate the Super Bowl just because it's the Super Bowl.

The one amazing thing people can agree on about the Super Bowl is that the commercials are awesome. Every year, at least five or six are gold. But with the burst of the use of YouTube and our culture wanting information as fast as now and to keep pleasure on repeat, the commercials are probably all online already and at the time of this blog post, the Super Bowl is still going on. I had to sit through the Super Bowl to watch commercials and I don't have to do that anymore.

But let me know what you guys think!


  1. College ball > pro. I don't like watching it, but if I have to, I'd rather watch a college bowl game. And I love watching hockey playoffs (moreso live, but on TV it's still good because they don't stop every FIVE SECONDS)

    I won't actually sit down and actively watch sports unless it's the Olympics, because I find it absurd that we pay these dudes millions to... run around with a ball and maybe a stick. Um, yay? The Olympics, it's more like "You are about to see if you are THE BEST IN THE WORLD" which is 2000x more exciting than anything else ever.

  2. Bueno, realmente nunca he visto fútbol americano, de hecho ni siquiera se de que se trata ,ni nada... I have never watched football and I really don't get it, but I do like watching tennis, although I only like watching one player, Rafa Nadal, He's like the only one I care about so watching the others is kind of boring and even more so if you're on your own.
    That's all

  3. I feel the same way except I'm not into sports. I don't know the rules for football and don't really care to. I don't understand why I'd watch a game on tv when it's much more fun to see it in real life. I haven't watched the super bowl since middle school and catch up on the bits people talked about (like commercials and half time) online later.

  4. I'm definitely in agreement, Travis. I primarily watched the commercials this year, but I peeked up here and there from my book to see how the game was going. I wasn't rooting for anyone and I wasn't interested in the halftime show (The Black Eyed Peas aren't my cup of tea.). Heck, I even wrote my next Op-Ed on my thoughts about the Super Bowl and televised sports in general.
    - Jason

  5. Every year my family plays a game where you get points based on if you see something. For example, I'd get a point for every shot of the coach, my mom might gets points for a non-alcoholic beverage commercial etc.It's actually fun and the only reason I watch the Superbowl every year.