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Behind the YouTube: WhatTravisSays (Part 1/2)

I'm going to do this in the format of a "Behind the Music" special. And it's only going to encompass things that happened during the year of 2010. Just sayin'.

Travis. A young man from Ohio whose video entertainment brought joy to tens of twelves of people he would never meet. Allured by the video posting website YouTube, Travis didn't know what sorts of things would be in store for him throughout the year of 2010. This is that story.

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Behind the YouTube: WhatTravisSays

In the beginning of January 2010, Travis had been a video blogger on the channel WhatTravisSays for eleven months. Travis felt that he was picking up some steam and gaining attention for himself. He had a few hundred subscribers and enough time between his college and social life to make videos a few times a month. Things were going well.

In mid-January, he rediscovered YouTube user RockstarRaquel and became enthralled with her New Year's Resolution to post a video everyday for the month of January. Travis found himself making sure he watched all of Raquel's videos as they came out, for fear that he would miss one. He found this constant video output rather addicting. And extremely entertaining.

As February came around, Raquel was finished with her project and mutual friend Steve (Fizzylimon) had taken up the reigns for vlogging everyday in a month. A project which Steve would soon dub the Vlog Every Day Mannor or VEDManor. Again, Travis found himself constantly wanting to keep up with Steve's postings, and by the midpoint of February, Travis wanted to take the challenge of March.

In March, something Travis called MarchTravisSays consisted of the idea that he would post a video every weekday of the month of March, no matter what. Stressful, because Raquel and Steve had each done a wonderful job posting every day that they had aforementioned, Travis found himself close to missing the deadlines multiple times. But as this project was stressful, it was also a creative brainstorm. Travis was writing ideas down more often as the project was forcing him to create entertaining content on a regular, nearly daily, basis.

During the midpoint of March, Travis had an idea.


Travis had an idea. He was going to write another parody song music video. He had done this nearly five months before with his song 'Zombies and They're Eating Brains', the parody to Miley Cyrus' 'Party in the USA'. 'Zombies and They're Eating Brains' had taken just over a month to write, plan, get the cast, shoot, and edit, but Travis had limited time. March has just over two weeks left and he needed to get a move on if he wanted to post a parody video in time.

Going back to where VEDManor all began, Travis asked Raquel and Steve to take part in the video as well as fellow nerds Megan (meganhibner) and Kiera (ianswertobob). They all seemed to love the plans. And although she was incredibly busy at the time, Travis asked fellow TwoSinglePeople-ian Angela to take part as Nerd Girl. She accepted.

After gathering the footage to be used for his parody video, Travis began working on piecing it together early on March 30th, a day before it was to be posted. Also, at the same time, he was piecing together March 30th's video, a video in which he said thanks to his viewers, asked if they remembered the first of his videos that they saw, and got excited about the prospect of tomorrow's video, all without making sure not to give away any information.

Very early into the morning of March 31st, around 4am, Travis posted his video for 'Nerd'.

And to him, this YouTube hobby would never be the same.


(Part two will be posted soon!)

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