Friday, November 5, 2010

Hogwarts State of Mind: The Blog

So, as many of you know, I'm back on the YouTubes again. Posting vids and taking names. Well, more about the posting vids and less about taking names. But I am thanking subscribers. Still. Which can get rather exhausting at times.

But I love you guys. :)

And, as 2,621 of you know, my big comeback video was 'Hogwarts State of Mind', the parody of 'Empire State of Mind'. And it was incredibly well-received, even though Kiera and I are not black rappers.

The confusing thing for me was, that usually, my parody videos do very well in the view counts and, I don't know if it's because I'm getting spoiled with thousands of views on the other videos, or because Empire just isn't a very searched-for song anymore, a view count of 2,000some seems rather low.

I'm probably just spoiled.

Fear not, the views don't matter too much to me. I am happy with each and every one of my views and I'm quite proud of the song/video. I have a few other parody ideas (okay, a lot of parody ideas) and you'll see more of them culminate soon in the future, you have my word.

I plan on dressing up as Malfoy for another parody which will be filmed as soon as December rolls around. The reason for the month-away film date is because this month I am not shaving my face, and, cmon, Malfoy can't grow facial hair to save the Dark Lord.


Hogwarts State of Mind

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  1. Ooooh BOY!
    I'm rather excited about Deathly Hallows myself, but my senior thesis (which is on the artistic merits of Harry Potter and why Christians shouldn't view it so negatively) and NaNoWriMo are taking precedent at the moment. Oh, and I'm sick.
    Your comeback was fabulous. I can't wait to see more! I tend to post your videos on my blog and stuff, so keep 'em coming!