Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's Cold in This Lab. This Blog is Going to Be Short.

BEDA: April 27, 2010

In some of the labs on campus, the air conditioning is cranked up. Way high.

This occurs for multiple reasons.
1) The health of the computers to keep them from overheating.
2) People would rather be cold than hot.
3) Keeps the air circulating.

and 4) Which is probably false, but to keep people in and out of the lab.

Think about it, the warm people come in the lab to cool off. They work at a computer where they A) Don't get much movement in their entire body but at the same time they have to B) keep some of the smallest joints on their body typing constantly against a keyboard.

After a while, the cold sets into their fingers and it gets rather uncomfortable to type. [what I'm feeling right now] Then, said hall resident leaves the lab to go elsewhere and another computer is open for availability.

I can't actually do that because, I) I'm not a hall resident of this building and II) I sorta ninja'd myself into the lab and I don't have a key to get back in.

So, because I have to come to the lab to use MACs, I just spent three hours, off and on, working on a video and because it's so freakin cold in this lab, my fingers feel frozen stiff. I actually debated going somewhere else to type this blog. BUT NO, COLD. YOU WILL NOT WIN THIS TIME.

Looking around, I count nineteen computers in this lab, twelve of which have occupants. I guess because the system is working, it means my conspiracy theory is accurate.

I win.

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